About KissMyRank
We are using KissMyRank [KMR] plugin on most of our server (except trackday)
We know it’s controversial and many do not really understand how it works.
This short writeup will try to get things more clear.

What it is and what it does
This is a simple self-contained Assetto Corsa Dedicated Server plugin (standalone exe) meant to promote knowledge of the ‘gentlemen drivers’ driving etiquette and fair racing.
Rather than trying to assess drivers’ safety in funny ways (contact points, splits etc. which have no place in reality), this plugin replicates real racing dynamics by simulating the environmental conditions that occur in real life (damage, penalties etc.).
If you collide with another car in the real world, you will not get fancy contact points or weird safety ratings but just a penalty and you’ll get to pay for the damage that you caused on your car. Same goes if you crash against a wall (regardless of the presence of other drivers).
This is the only realistic rating that can have place in a sim and what Kissmyrank tries to achieve.

So how does it work:
1.) You get credits – 60000 if you enter the server for the first time
you get more credits, if you drive clean and without collisions, for best lap times, best personal lap times, Podium, won places in relation to your start position.
You lose credits when you have a lot of crashes with the environment and other drivers.

 2.) In each session every driver gets penalty points for collisions and infractions.
We have set the max penalty points to 5
Each infraction set’s the penalty counter higher


  • Sponsor credit collection 1.500 rmrc for each driver
    from this the podium will be credited
  • Clean lap reward 1.000 rmrc
  • Race fastest lap 2.000 rmrc
  • Clean overtaking gain reward 2.000 rmc
  • Position gain 1.000 rmrc

Cutting track boundaries 1pt

  • Cutting pit exit line 1pt in qualifying, 2pt in race
  • Re-entering the track with more than 120km/h 1pt
  • Collision 1pt

When the max number of 5 is reached, the driver gets a drive through penalty.

When the max number of 5 is reached, the driver will be auto-kicked from the server.


  • First collision in race 1500 rmc
  • Crossing pit exit line in qualifying 500 rmrc
  • Crossing pit exit line in in race 1000 rmc
  • Damage cost between cars 1000 rmc, (grows exponentially with speed)
  • Damage cost with environment 100 rmc ( grows exponentially with speed)



  • High Ping over 480
  • Ping variation more than 300
  • Reaching the limit of 5 crash points
  • Not equalising a given drive through penalty 



  • Anti-social behaviour in game chat
  • Not removing links in nick name after warnings
  • Not changing name after warnings
  • Disturbing on purpose the play of other drivers (blocking, ramming, parking on track, driving in reverse direction)

We setup the KMR system so it is rewarding for winners of races in the same way as it is rewarding for clean learning drivers, who like to improve. For slower drivers it is recommendable to start from the back, avoid contacts (specially those under high speed) and stay on track.
This way everybody is able to build up his credits, which than gives the freedom to risk a bit more.

We wish you a lot of fun
your racemaniacs team