Our Goal:
Events in the last couple of weeks have let us take this step.
We are tired to spend most of our time answering tickets of drivers , who simply shouldn’t be on a public server.
Mentally thick people, who ask you to unban them, because they had a bad day and therefor they rammed everyone out of the way or made a road block and so on.
The Result:
We have reduced massively the amount of server, as you can see in the public server section.
Instead we will offer member only server, which we hope will find a lot of interest from your site.
We tried it in the past and honestly it was a fail.
This time we like doing it different: We will ask you to participate actively in the creation of our community events and member server.
On our member server we like to get rid of Kissmyrank [KMR]. We think members should be interested in clean racing. So we plan to run our server with RealPenalty tool.

All our member need to install a little plugin which you can download from here

this plugin will check if everybody is using helicorsa and in case we us SOL, if SOL is installed and activated. You can read more about this little plugin here

And now a last favour: Please review your profile and fill in as much information as possible. As more game relevant data we have from you, as easier we can help you.
Your data is safe with us. We do not store any personal data like your phone number, credit card data or address. All data we collect is only game relevant for statistic and monitoring purposes.

We wish you nice races
The Admin Teamth